THE SPA @ Blackpool FC Hotel


About our spa

THE SPA was created out of love, passion and a dedication to create a haven where everyone felt welcome.


As a therapist for over 30 years it was my dream, my goal to open my own luxurious spa where the only thing that mattered was YOU.

Having worked in the industry so long, I saw many things I felt needed to change.

That's where my dream began.

My Spa journey began in 2016 when I first opened my own venue.

We opened here at Blackpool FC Hotel in January 2020

 We have invested time and effort into providing you 'our customer' with a relaxing haven where you can forget your troubles, the daily grind and just lay back, relax and unwind.

We have 4 luxurious therapy rooms in spa where you can experience the skilled hands of our warm and welcoming therapists.


The perfect room made for sharing with your friends or family for up to 4 people


Our room beautifully made for two friends, lovers or family


When you want to seek sanctuary and enjoy a solo spa this room for one is the solace you seek


Sometimes we just need a little me time, this room for one is perfect when ME TIME is in order